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This may be the easiest way for most people as time zones for most of the people we communicate with are inconvenient for both parties. We are +7 UTC, so that means it's late afternoon here when people in Europe wake up and morning for those of you in the Americas.

We do answer emails every day for the most part (with the occasional break when necessary or on the road). We always get back to you within 48 hours, so if you have not heard from us in that time, please try again or use one of the chat services to the right here.

Note about spam: As with all emailing people and companies these days, we get huge amounts of spam and have filters on our email programs. So, please, when emailing us, put an appropriate subject line in such as "Looking for diving information", or something similar.

The email address seen by everyone in our office is

Alternate email addresses are:

Again, if we do not respond in 24 hours, then we did not receive your email. We have email links on every single page of our website. Also, sometimes you will not receive our emails due to your spam blocking software. So, if you don't hear back from us, don't get mad, just resend the mail and we'll resend ours, making sure you take us off your spam list.


We're happy to call you any where as well, just call us and say "Call me back!" and we will! Our mobile phones are often the best way to reach us, and we are not charged for receiving calls. From most countries, it's no more expensive to call to a Thai GSM mobile phone than it is on a land line. Please check with your long distance provider.

Thailand's country code is 66, so when you call, please use your countries' overseas access number, then dial "66", then the local number leaving the "0" out. Locally, you would not use the country code, but use the "0". For example, from North America, to call John's mobile, dial 011-6681-892-0474. To dial our office from any place in Thailand, dial 076-330-967. Charges vary depending on what service you use.

Office Map

Mobile or Cell Numbers

  • Mobile John Williams (English - Thai): +66 (0) 81-892-0474
  • Mobile Bent Posejpal (English - Scandinavian): +66 (0) 81-892-0643

Skype & Chat

Use the chat bars on the right to talk to us in Skype, Yahoo! or Google. All Skype calls are transferred to one of our mobile phones if we're not in front of the computer.

Mailing Address

If you need to mail us anything, here is our address:

Siam Dive n' Sail Co. Ltd. New address
85/15 Sai Yuan Soi 9 Mu 7
Tambon Rawai, Amphur Mueang
Phuket 83100 Thailand

People ask us if it's possible to mail things like dive gear and camera housings to us so you don't have to take it on the airplane. While we're happy to get the equipment to the proper boat, please note that we can't be responsible for customs problems with the Thai authorities.


If you have booked a diving trip or something else with us, before you depart on your trip, please give someone close to you the link to this page on our website, or copies of all our telephone and contact information. This in case there is some kind of emergency and your friends or relatives are worried and need to get in touch with you. Most of the boats have satellite phones, radios, or other ways to get in touch, but they do not make them public as they are expensive to use and are emergencies only. We have good connections here in Thailand and can communicate competently with various people, officials, or organizations in several languages.

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