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The hotel, tourism and travel industry is obviously huge in Thailand. We get many requests for help in choosing what hotels are best and questions on how you can get the best prices online. This is a very difficult thing to do since the hotels change their prices, features and management very often. We have found two good websites which seem to offer good prices along with up-to-date and reasonably complete information which we offer to you here below and on the city links above.

We have traveled all over the country in the 20+ years we have lived here, and are happy to let you know our personal experiences, but these are by no means complete nor are they up-to-date.

Our Phuket section has some personal recommendations on them since we live here and can more easily visit these hotels. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions about hotels but we do not book hotels directly unless it's for a group, as we can rarely match the prices you can find so easily on the web. In our experence, we find the following booking engines to be the best for advice and price.


We are more than happy to let you know if we think your hotel choice is a good one or not once you've looked at some possibilities. We hope that you find these links useful.

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