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Travel and Scuba Diving Insurance Links

Since Siam Dive n' Sail can take no responsibility for scheduling or itinerary changes due to changing weather, political situations, natural disasters or other events beyond our control, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance for any kind of trip you do anywhere in the world. This is good advice for booking with any dive shop, agency, or other travel service whether online or in person or the telephone in any country in the world. There have been too many changes in insurance coverage in virtually every country to simply assume you are covered. These days, never assume you're covered! Check!

Travel insurance can also cover lost items such as that nice new iPod, digital camera, or mobile phone someone gave you for your birthday. It covers a lot of personal items that may be lost or stolen while you're on the road.

If you are diving, we also highly recommend that you have DAN or other diving accident insurance up to date and current in case of an unanticipated evacuation or other treatment that may not be covered by your regular medical insurance. Chamber treatment is expensive, so why take the risk for such a small sum and in DAN's case, such a good cause?

Finally, please check with your own insurance company before buying additional insurance. Sometimes credit card companies offer insurance as well. so give your bank a call and see what they say. All links below should open in a new window.

Travel and cancellation insurance for US Citizens only (as far as we can tell).

Travel insurance for you and your family no matter where you're from.

International travel health insurance and medical evacuation for both US and non-US citizens world-wide. Instant online quotes and purchasing globally.

World Nomads Travel insurance has been designed by travellers to cover everything you need. They make sure you’re covered, even if you run out of travel insurance on the road. They don't just keep you insured, with us you'll travel smarter and safer.

Through your membership with DiveAssure, you are eligible for various coverage options to suit your diving and travel insurance needs; whether diving related or not. Choose from annual or short–term programs, to cover local diving, diving trips, other adventure sport vacations, and non active vacation or even business trips.

Divers Alert Network's main website for various kinds of information on diving accidents, medical advice, insurance, etc. If you're not sure of your residency area, please go to this website first. There are links to the affiliates. DAN now has a really easy travel insurance program for US citizens. Cheap and easy, like it should be.

DAN's European website for various kinds of information on diving accidents, medical advice, insurance, etc. in the major European languages.

DAN's Australian Website covering those living in the Asia-Pacific regions. Warning: They are not very good about answering emails. Usually it's better just to call them.

An organization who sells diving insurance out of the UK. Recommended by the local hospital here in Phuket as being reliable. Website available in many European languages as well.

Essential Travel Ltd are an FSA approved company and believe in providing our scuba travelers with the best service. Currently we have over 650,000 active customers using our services and many of them are requesting Scuba Diving Insurance. Scuba Travel Insurance. For UK Citizens only.

This 'plain language' tutorial will explain travel insurance so you can easily find the right plan. Over 124 million travelers in the US are covered by travel insurance or emergency services every year. Travelers list three top reasons for buying travel insurance: Peace of mind, protection against the unexpected, and protecting their trip investment.

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