Siam Dive n Sail Phuket Thailand

Siam Dive n Sail: Phuket Map

Phuket is an island in the Andaman Sea which is connected by a two-km long bridge to the mainland. Phuket has an international airport, many harbors and ports and a great infrastructure in place. Most of the tourism activity takes place along Phuket's beautiful West Coast where large bays form long coral-sand beaches. Phuket receives over four million tourists every year, so in many ways it's like Hawaii, Cote D'Azur or the Gold Coast of Australia; there's a little bit of everything and something to offer for everyone. If you're expecting some remote jungle, you'll be disappointed. Phuket is sophisticated, trendy and very international in flavor. Thais from all over the country come here to find work or make a better life for themselves; foreigners from every country come to make their home here. Thai people, especially Phuketians, are very welcoming and have open minds about how things should be done. Phuket is like no other island or province in the country. More English and other languages are spoken here than in any other part of the country.

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