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Destination: The Andaman Islands (India)

The Andaman Islands seem to be closed to all yacht charters at the moment. There is new governor in charge. We will keep this page updated as things change but there are no liveaboard trips, charters or otherwise, being offered out of Port Blair for the time being.

Located approximately 800 kilometers northwest of Phuket, there are actually two island chains here: The Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands are a huge area extending north from Sumatra, all the way to the Bay of Bengal. India governs both. After a 50 year period of virtual isolation from the outside world the Indian government in 1993 made the decision to allow limited, environmentally conscious tourism development including scuba diving and yachting and boat charters. The Andaman Islands are one of the world’s most remote diving destinations and weeks can be spent sailing and diving around the islands (click for a dive site map). The Nicobar Islands remain closed to outsiders due to the attempts to protect the indigenous tribes from disease and harm, and thankfully, this scenario is unlikely to change any time soon.  Most liveaboards to the Andaman Islands depart and return from a foreign port, Phuket being the closest, and are allowed to stay only 30 days per entry. Most often, you fly in and out of the Andaman Islands and meet the boat in Port Blair, it's small capital town since sailing time can take three to five days each way.

There is now a world class liveaboard running in the Andaman Islands from September until May each year, the MY Infiniti. The MV Panunee usually makes a one month trip each season, usually in March/ April each year. Check the schedule below for more details. These are currently the only boats scheduling visits to the islands. There are charter boats available, but no join-in bookings are accepted.

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