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Thailand, Myanmar, Burma, Mergui, and the Andaman Islands

Please email us if you're interested in hiring a yacht in these waters. Read more about sailing and yachting in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and the Andaman Islands below. We have a variety of yachts available.

The Andaman Sea is located on the eastern Indian Ocean and is bordered by Malaysia, Burma, and the Andaman Islands. Although Phuket is well known as the playground of Southeast Asia with it's nightlife and tourism, those in the know realize that with Phuket's excellent infrastructure, one can jump on a simple or luxury yacht and sail into some of the most remote areas of the planet. Easy to get to areas include Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and Phi Phi, and the Racha (Raja) Islands, just a couple of hours away by boat, to more exotic destinations including the Similan Islands, Rok Nok Island and Hin Daeng, and Tarutao and the Adang group on the southern border with Malaysia.

Sailing north from Phuket you encounter the vast Mergui Archipelago consisting of hundreds of uninhabited islands closed since WW2 and only reopened in 1997. Here you can get lost for days on end. Both diving and sailing are popular in the area, but it's very easy to avoid other boats or yachts. The only permanent residents are the Moken (Selung) or Sea Gypsies.

For those really wanting to get away from it all, the Andaman Islands, once part of the British Empire and occupied by the Japanese during WW2, are now back in the hands of the Indians and they have protected the islands from the outside world. Cousteau when he visited in 1998 called them the Invisible Islands and even a man as famous as Jacques was not allowed to go just anywhere he wanted. Today the islands' authorities allow visitors in a limited fashion, and encourage eco friendly activities such as diving, yachting and game fishing. Indigenous tribes still inhabit the islands, though they are to be left alone. The island's bird life is the best in the eastern Indian Ocean, and deforesting is almost unheard of. This is truly one of the last paradises in the world. The islands lie 450 nautical miles or approximately 800 kilometers from the resort island of Phuket. Phuket is considered the base for Andaman Island yacht charters, there are few, if any, long range boats available in the islands themselves.

Siam Dive n Sail offers a number of sailing and power boat options. These vessels do not publish a schedule and do not sell individual places; they are available on a full charter basis only and usually priced per day or per night. Some may have delivery costs if you want to use the boat in an area which is not part of her normal route. If you're not sure, please ask us.

Prices depend mostly on the comfort level, size and facilities (and toys) on the boat. The more luxurious, the higher the price. Most of the boats offer a scuba diving option. Sailing around the Thailand and Burma areas is fantastic. Though we have light winds most of the year, the sailing is always comfortable and we do not get much inclement weather. If you're in more of a hurry to get to a specific spot, then a power boat may be a better option. There are hundreds of islands and beaches to explore with wonderful quiet anchorages either in the middle of nowhere, or close to a resort for land-options.

Depending on your budget, these vessels can be chartered by a couple or by a group of friends. For groups, we are happy to help you deal with payment collections if you are trying to organize some people and have people who want to pay for their trip by credit card. We can handle all that through our secure online credit card merchant account. We are here to help you make your charter experience the best it can be.


Booking Terms & Conditions

A deposit of 30% is required to hold the space(s). Full payment is then due 35 to 65 days prior to departure depending on the trip and the vessel. For full boat bookings full payment is due at least 65 days prior to departure date. If payment is not received by this time, we will attempt to contact you. If we are unsuccessful, we will then resell the places you've booked and your deposit will be lost. Once final payment is paid, this too is non-refundable. We strongly suggest you purchase cancellation insurance.

We can take no responsibility for scheduling or itinerary changes due to changing weather, political situations, natural disasters or other events beyond our control. We also cannot be responsible for family emergencies or illnesses which require you to cancel your reservations. In all cases, we do our best to work out a compromise or rebook the trip, but travel insurance is the only fair way to resolve these problems if they occur. We do not overbook dive trips, so if you cancel it will cause hardship for the boats since it's difficult to fill up trips at the last minute as most trips are booked far in advance of departure date.

We also recommend that you have DAN or other diving accident insurance up to date and current in case of an unanticipated evacuation or other treatment that may not be covered by your regular insurance. Evacuation and treatment in a chamber can and will be expensive everywhere in the world.

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